Humans' Homeworld


Earth is the homeworld of the human species and the third planet from its star. Seventy-one percent of the planet's surface is covered in water and the atmosphere is mostly composed of nitrogen and oxygen. There is one natural satellite orbiting Earth, Luna, which was the first planet/moon humans began to harness tralphium as a power source. With advanced technology being introduced by the galactic community, pollution, disease, and famine have significantly decreased. It is also the location of the capital of the Federation of Earth.


Orbital Distance: 1 AU

Orbital Period: 1 Earth Year

Surface Temperature: 18°C

Surface Gravity: 1 g

Mass: 1 Earth Mass

Diameter: 12,756.32 Km

Day Length: 23.93 Earth Hours

Satellites: Luna

Species: Human

Population: 21.8 Billion

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