Humans are from the planet Earth in the Sol System and expanded onto many other planets after they invented ships that could travel in between stars in a heartbeat. Humans were introduced to the galactic community shortly after their first contact with an alien race. The Federation of Earth was quickly established to unite every human faction on Earth, so humans could focus on the galaxy instead of internal problems on their homeworld. The economy and military of humans was better than ever because of new technologies and the population dramatically increased over the years. Humans joined the United Galactic Races in the year 2292.


Humans, on average, stand 1.8 meters tall and weigh 88 kilograms. Skin color ranges from a peach-type color to a dark brown. Humans have five-fingered hands and five-toed feet which rest at the end of the humans two arms and two legs. The history of humanity is a violent one, with conflicts and wars occurring every year. Even though humans are violent, they still evolved and advanced.

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